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JMK Publicist is an International public relations boutique agency with a focus on fashion, entertainment and lifestyle brands PR. Our company’s media and network marketing extends to Africa, Europe, China and North America. We focus on emerging brand owners who are intent build national and global publicity. With over 14 years of experience, JMK Publicist can help you promote your products, services and events locally, nationally and internationally, ensuring that you get the right message to the right audience and media at the right time.


We work to establish the brand’s voice, create brand recognition and increase brand visibility among the public through interactive mediums. From developing unique stories to implementing results- oriented PR campaigns, JMK Publicist participates in every facet of your brand’s growth.


We aim to become an integral part of your company’s success. We apply our passion to your business; whether it is in creating buzz worthy content for your brand, securing a product placement in select media or conceptualizing an event that allows the media and target consumers to intimately connect with your brand.


JMK Publicist provides personalised attention and tailored campaigns; we are your partner in publicity as we help create value-focused packages for the various groups your brand hopes to reach and inspire.


Junda Morris-Kennedy

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